The Home Educator Magazine

Summary and Mission 

The Home Educator was dreamed up by local homeschool mom, Marlo Planas.  Marlo is also an educator and therapist for children with Autism and other learning differences.   

The idea to publish a local homeschool magazine came while speaking with a fellow parent about different classes and programs that are available to homeschoolers in the community.  It then became apparent that a resource guide was desperately needed for the South Florida Homeschool Community.  

The idea for the resouce guide developed and evolved into The Home Educator Magazine.  A print and digital publication which will support and supplement the homeschool community, will serve as a creative and information outlet for parents and children alike, and will be the voice of the richly diverse community that we are.

The Home Educator will feature remarkable and celebrity homeschoolers on the cover and will appeal to non-homeschoolers as well.  

The Home Educator aims to dispel myths and the mystery surrounding homeschooling and homeschoolers.  

The Home Educator magazine will be a free, quarterly print publication with more frequent digital newsletters and events calendars.  We hope to print 20,000 copies of our first issue and to distribute widely and in high-traffic locations throughout Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, and Monroe Counties.

Also on The Home Educator team are Claudia Valdes and Alyssa Whitehouse.  Claudia is a highly experienced homeschool mom who has been very active in the community over that past 15 years or so.  She is a founding member of S.P.L.A.S.H. and is often referred to as "The Homeschool Guru", as she ushers and supports new families into the community.  Alyssa is a newbie homeschool mom and an extremely talented graphic artist with a passion for her work, traveling, and parenting.

The Home Educator team: 










Meet our mascot, Rudi!  "Rudi" is short for "Erudite"


    1.having or showing great knowledge or learning.

    synonyms: learned, scholarly, educated, knowledgeable, well-read, well-informed, intellectual

    Rudi has a big personality and will share facts and wisdom with readers.  Rudi will also host the kids' column where the kids will be able to showcase their art, writing, and journalism skills.  

    Here is Rudi all dressed up for November:









The Impact

There are homeschool publications in other communities and they are valuable to the communities which they serve.  In fact, some South Florida Homeschoolers subscribe to these publications.  South Florida Homeschoolers deserve their very own, free, all- inclusive, homeschool magazine which speaks to them!  

The Home Educator will: 

  • unify the community
  • create opportunities for networking and new friendships 
  • serve as a creative and information outlet
  • provide guidance and support to families
  • appeal to the public (not just homeschoolers)
  • dispel myths about homeschooling
  • provide an events calendar
  • support local homeschool family-owned businesses
  • distribute widely and in high-traffic locations

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please get the word out and make some noise about our campaign!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin!
  • If you feel inspired to contribute an article or story idea, please contact us!
  • If you would like to distribute The Home Educator at your South Florida Business, please contact us!

And that’s all there is to it.

Contacts:   Editor in Chief        [email protected]

                   Executive Editor    [email protected]

                   Creative Director   [email protected]


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