Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls Element Medicinals, Natural Beauty, Health & Hygene

Rainbow Girls, aspires to work with other women. As sisters we can share our craft though a collective of localized hand made Rainbow Medicinals. To create a diverse array of traditional healing blends and techniques.

Please contact me for further info and to become part of this creative process as a team. 


At Rainbow Girls we support old world craftsmanship from 

ancient artisans, natural medicine from different traditions

as well as well as spirituality in all of it´s diverse paths. 


Our current line of products are:

Rainbow Element Medicinals

Aromatherapy Oils & Body Scrubs

We work with the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine for this product line:

In nature the elements Air, Fire, Water, & Earth work to regulate the patterns of living eco systems. Within our body the elements are also in action. It is a must for us to keep elements balanced with the wonderful healing properties of plant beings gifts of nature whose life purpose is to support our wellness. 

All of our products are made with plant, herbs and essential oils which build up a recipe to mimic a specific element in the body. We believe the natural world offers beauty and health. All of our recipes follow ancestral ayurvedic medicinal principles.

All of the herbs and oils we use are 100% organic free of pesticides and chemicals. 

Answer the next questionnaire by circling your answers. 

Count your total at the end of the quiz to know what elements predominate your constitution.

In order to counter act excess elements in our body we always treat them with opposite elements. 


Was your body as a child? 

Air: Thin

Fire: Medium & muscular

Earth & Water: Thick & curvaceous


You’re Body Now?

Air: Thin

Fire: Medium & muscular

Earth & Water: Thick & curvaceous



Air: It is difficult for me to gain weight

Fire: I maintain my weight

Earth & Water: It is difficult for me to loose weight 

Nails ? 

Air: Rought and Easy to break 

Fire: Soft , flexible, pink nail beds

Earth & Water: Soft, white.



Air: Fine and dry

Fire: Oily

Earth & Water: Thick and abundant


Skin ?

Air : Dry, thin, rough.

Fire: Oily, easily to get sunburned

Earth & Water: Liquid retention.


Digestion and apetite?

Air: Iregular apatite. I pass long times with no food

Fire: Good apetite, fast digestion.

Earth & Water : Slow digestion feel heavy after eating.


Air: Unruly (finds things in different spots)

Fire: Orderly (things are always where they belong )

Earth: Likes to accumulate (likes to collect)


Air: Always on the move

Fire: Objective

Earth & Water: Stable

Activity ?

Air: Always moving

Fire: Stuctured

Earth & Water: Slugish


I enjoy?

Air: Flow

Fire: Order

Earth & Water: Set Routine

Now to balance your elements it is necessary for you to get more of the element you are lacking

Results: If you have…

Lots of Air little bit of Earth and Fire you need an Earth & Fire Blend

Lots of Fire little bit of Air and Earth you need an Air & Earth Blend

Lots of Earth little bit of Fire and Air you need Fire & Air Blend

Lots of Fire and Air you need Earth Blend

Lots of Earth and Air you need Fire Blend

Lots of Earth little bit of Fire and Air you need Fire & Air Blend

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