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Nathaniel knows how to get results and he is best known for combining hands on style, and experience to produce successful outcomes for and with his clients. Nathaniel is a restorative exercise specialist and coach. He has over 27 years of health, wellness and leisure management experience. He holds a Master Degree in Public Administration and a B.S degree in Recreation Administration. Nathaniel is well received because of his high energy and professional teaching style. He combines innovative strategies that encourage his clients to really own and meet every challenge they face in health and fitness and life overall. He is also a published author and motivational speaker, expert in motivating youth, young adults and the young at heart in reaching their personal and fitness goals. He has an uncommon passion for helping people meet and exceed health and fitness goals, and believes in walking the walk and is committed to his own personal health and fitness lifestyle. Once you meet Nathaniel you will know he is a man on a mission. 

Clientele ranging from Administrators, doctors, business executives and seniors, all rely on Nate for their health, wellness and fitness needs. Nate’s Total body will give you results that go further than the cosmetic. You will get the flow that comes from increased energy and a heightened state of health. You will obtain the proper ratio of body fat to lean muscle tissue (15%-18% for men,18%-22% for Women) which is a key measurement of health. You will also become agile and adept in the sports you choose, and as you become more cardiovascular fit, you will reduce your chance of heart disease. In addition, you will be much better equipped to manage the stress in your life. With Nate, you will work as a team, giving 100% energy. Throughout your workouts be as open as you can; tell him how you feel and ask whatever questions you may have. This is your personal training program and can only work if you are actively involved. Your cooperation, enthusiasm and commitment will help you reach the goals that are set. 






The Precision Nutrition Certification is a result of Nate's 10 years plus research and elite coaching experience, accompanied by his specialization in the art and science of nutrition. Such knowledge combined with his stretch and functional training program, will contribute to the development of an individualized plan, with an ideal nutritional diet and exercise program that is guaranteed to provide all the necessary resources for you to reach or exceed your personal expectations.

Precision Nutrition has been extensively quoted and featured in the media, including the following publications:











Certified  Master level 2 Spinning Instructor,
Certified Schwinn Cycling
M3 Lifestyle Fitness Training/All Gain No Pain 
Certified Silver Sneakers AFAA, Group Fitness Instructor,
ISSA, Certified Personal Trainer
Mat Pilates
Fit Vibe/Power Plate
IFA, Certified Personal Trainer
Red Cross/CPR Certified







Results! Results! Nate is an amazing devoted trainer!  He loves what he does and it show.  He is professional. Knowledgeable and most of all 10 out of 10.

Gina W.  
At Trump Plaza in Sunny Isle,Fl



I want to take this opportunity to share my experience and reflect on the difference it’s made not only in my physical appearance but also in my overall well-being.  I started with Nate newly 6 years ago and my original impetus was to get fit and integrate fitness into my routine.  What started out as a hellish hour of boot camp(which rendered me dizzy) has morphed into a fabulous ride.  Not only do I think differently about food choices but I also  have a more sincere desire to ensure I do things that make my body feel better.  Over those years targeted guidance has taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve honestly surprised myself at times, in terms of what I’ve been able to accomplish ) and surpass in some respects)  I attribute my drive to having a strong support system of encouragement of which Nate is a vital part.  What I admire about the approach is that the fitness regime is never exactly the same although there may be common elements.  What else would keep me getting up at 5am in the morning!  Honestly, those intense weekly sessions provide a viable outlet for stress and I attribute the training to minimizing my anxiety levels about other things.  Moreover, thanks you Nate for the all that you do. I’m privileged to know you and value your part in facilitating a healthier Blythe.

Blythe Edwards



My husband and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working out with Nate on many occasions.  We take classes at our spa and find them to be very motivating and well thought out.  What is unique about Nate is that he cares and pays attention to how you are doing or executing an exercise.  He is very careful to make sure you do not injure yourself.  He is also very much in tune to the individual and senses when something  is not right or if you are in pain.  He has worked with my husband on a series of personal stretching which has been of great help.  Once again, he knows his client’s body and flexibility of that individual and has the skill and knowledge of what he can do and what he cannot not do.  This program has been of great aid to my husband.  We find Nate to be above the ordinary trainer.  Not only does he work with you in helping to accomplish your goals, but he gets to know you, your abilities, the reality of your goals and gives you a time schedule which is real and attainable.  Nate is a real person.  There is a special quality about him which we find very endearing and working out with him is a true pleasure.  We strongly recommend this fine gentleman. 

 Salvatore J. Forcina,M.D.  and Roberta Forcina



I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Nathaniel Wilkins approximately one year ago at the Williams Island Health Spa. I personally received functional training and muscle stretching from him. He has shared his expertise in wellness and health and has made my life better in doing so. He is devoted to his clients and attends to their needs in a warm and sensitive way. His role as a stretch and movement coach deserves credos.  In addition, I have referred many of my patients and friends to him and all have reported great satisfaction and have benefited from his services. 
I am a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon by the American Board of Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeons. I am also an internationally recognized Biomechanist in Sports Medicine. I service the most elite athletes in the NBA, NFL, MBL, Hockey, 
Golf and Tennis, College and High School Football, Basketball and Baseball.  I have been in practice for over 45 years and presently practice in Aventura, Florida. 

Dr. Harold Reinhartz, 
Diplomat, American Board of Podiatric Surgeons
Board Certified American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons
Managing Director of Advanced Footcare, Inc. and Footcarexpress, Inc.



I have been working out with Nate for just over a year. I have noticed some significant changes in my body and energy level. With Nate I have lost weight, tightened up, increased flexibility and have more energy. The workouts are challenging and he gives me enough knowledge and exercises that I can do them on my own on the days I don’t see Nate. Two of the most important areas of improvement have been with my core and balance. I definitely feel stronger in those areas. Nate’s stretching is amazing. It works out all of the muscle kinks I develop during the week. This too has added to my overall flexibility and feeling of well being. Thanks Nate!

Neil Signer



I  never exercised in my life, about 2 months ago I decided to pursue a regimen of exercise in order to improve my posture, strengthen my arms and upper body, my legs and begin an overall cardio workout on the treadmill and other machine s.  I knew that I would need guidance and instruction that without the help of a trainer I would NOT exercise regularly.  I am fortunate to live at the Point where all of this is available at our Spa.  I am lucky to be working with Nate as my trainer.  In just these 2 months (3X per week) I already have more energy, feel a little stronger and stand a little straighter.  I am sure that my goals will be accomplished if I continue to workout regularly.

Linder Wagoner



I have been training with Nate for the past 6 months. I have lost over 30 pounds and even more then that I have changed my whole lifestyle. He has brought me somewhere I never thought was possible for myself. If he could do it for me he can do it for anyone. I know you might be saying I love to eat or I just do not have the time but I was there and after 1 lesson with Nate you will see what he is all about. He has become more then a trainer, he has become a life time friend.

Sean Dollinger



I have done workouts with Nate (Nathaniel O. Wilkins) in both group and private personal sessions. Nate will address the various muscles for over all body workout with enthusiasm and knowledge of obtaining maximum results while maintaining proper form. He is energetic, spirited, has great music to keep the pulse flowing. My private sessions work on form and concentrating on target areas that need extra attention. Nate will answer questions and customize the training based on ability and agility. I am enjoying my fitness level and leave with a smile. Lets all stay FIT! 

Sheila K



I've known Nate Wilkins since my early high school days, I've traveled with him on business trips and attended church with him as well. Currently I am in business with my father. I am also very active in my church. When I was asked to develop a special program to help motivate male members in the church (Men's Day Super Saturday), I thought of Nate. He was professional, arrived on time, was organized and friendly to all present then delivered a powerful message. What I like most was his entertaining speaking style, packed with anecdotes and real life experience, something we all can relate to. I found myself smiling, laughing and thinking throughout his speech. Nate is good! While Nate is my friend and former business colleague, I would not recommend him as a speaker, if he lacked the necessary skill set to deliver what I wanted and needed from him. I've also failed to mentioned that I attended a number of training and motivational events in my career, I know whats good and what's poor. Finally if you need a high energy, interesting, enlighten speaker for your event, I RECOMMEND Nate Wilkins.

Best regard,
DK Williams
TBN Treasurer





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