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Grow­ing up in Michi­gan I never worked out as much as I wanted to or as much as I do now. I was also raised with very unhealthy eat­ing habits. My mom’s tried to get me to eat veg­eta­bles and I would beg her to give me Mac­a­roni and Cheese instead! It’s not until I moved away from my fam­ily to a warmer cli­mate that I real­ized how unhealthy my diet was and started notic­ing I was a lit­tle over weight. I remem­ber always hav­ing a few “win­ter pounds” because my body was always hid­den under lay­ers of cloth­ing but I never thought of myself as over­weight or unhealthy.

Mov­ing to a warmer cli­mate and liv­ing in my bikini made me real­ize it was time for a change! Unfor­tu­nately, I was never taught how to eat healthy and I started yo-yo diet­ing and I kept gain­ing and los­ing weight the unhealthy way. I would quit eat­ing carbs for 2–3 weeks and then binge all day on carbs. My energy lev­els were extremely low and when I didn’t eat carbs I was moody and I would snap at my friends and fam­ily all the time!

I was a swim­mer in high school but since then I had been pretty incon­sis­tent with my work­outs. I worked out with a per­sonal trainer for a short time dur­ing col­lege. I knew how to do the proper form when I worked out but I wasn’t using these impor­tant skills I learned. In col­lege, I was more wor­ried about hang­ing out with my friends and going drink­ing on the week­ends than I was about work­ing out.

After col­lege I started work­ing out at the gym spo­rad­i­cally. I would lift weights on my own and take group cir­cuit train­ing classes. I even­tu­ally start­ing run­ning and decided to com­pete in a few races. I fin­ished a half marathon and a triathlon and decide to go for gold and run the Hon­olulu Marathon Decem­ber 2007. After run­ning the marathon, my knees weren’t respond­ing very well to all the run­ning and they started caus­ing me a lot of pain so I quit run­ning alto­gether. I started doing Cross­Fit and I loved being a part of this group of peo­ple who were really into fit­ness but the work­outs were mak­ing me look really bulky and mus­cu­lar. Then, I started dat­ing a per­sonal trainer/fitness instruc­tor and of course I started tak­ing his bikini boot camp at Chak­Fit­ness. I was still incon­sis­tent though and wasn’t get­ting the results I wanted because his classes were a half hour drive from my house.

Finally, my friend and coach Ana­mari Valle intro­duced me to Insan­ity. I real­ized dur­ing the warm-up that this was going to be more chal­leng­ing than any­thing I had every done in my life. I was out of breath and needed to take breaks dur­ing the first 5 min­utes of the warm-up! I decided to buy it right away and com­plete the entire 60-day pro­gram. I had a hard time at first but once I added Shake­ol­ogy I had more energy and I was able to fin­ish the first round. After that I was hooked!! I had never had bet­ter results with any work­outs I had tried in the past and I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 30! With the help of Beach­body work­out pro­grams and Shake­ol­ogy I was able to lose weight the healthy way and I have kept it off for over 2 years now! I became a Beach­body coach so I can share my story with oth­ers and be a part of help­ing them make their own suc­cess sto­ries!! I took it one-step fur­ther this year and became a cer­ti­fied Tur­bo­Kick instruc­tor in order to help even more peo­ple achieve their goals. I also have a Mas­ter of Sci­ence in Nurs­ing (MSN) degree and work full-time as a Cer­ti­fied Reg­is­tered Nurse Anes­thetist (CRNA). I would love to help you find a solu­tion to hav­ing a smaller stom­ach that doesn’t include abdomino­plasty or a “tummy tuck.”

Whether you are look­ing for some­one to help you take the first step on your jour­ney, have tried every­thing with­out the results you wanted, or just need a lit­tle moti­va­tion reach out to me at [email protected] or find me on face­book at Intro­duce your­self so I can plug you into the var­i­ous resources I have to offer!! For even more moti­va­tion check out my YouTube chan­nel at! What are you wait­ing for??? Some­day is today!

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