EcoWorks International

Our Mission

To break the cycle of poverty by building thriving and self-sustainable communities where the need is the greatest through a holistic, four-pillar development approach comprising

  • economic growth
  • education
  • healthcare
  • environmental remediation and stewardship

And, to be guided in our work by values of social justice, economic parity, gender equality, shared know-how, and mutual respect.

Since January 2009, Ecoworks International (EWI) has been working exclusively in Haiti. 

What Motivates Us

Our work is founded on the knowledge that we are an interconnected and interdependent world relying on one another other for survival, security and the shaping of our future no matter where we live, or the present state of our economy, education and technology. And, it is based on our profound belief that, as individuals and nations, we are committed to each other to use our strengths, know-how and technologies to transform communities in need so that they can thrive and become major contributors on the global scene in international trade, environmental conservation, cultural exchange and innovation.

Who We Are

EcoWorks International is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with disadvantaged communities to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable enterprises that promote self-reliance, improve standards of living, and protect natural resources.

Our Approach

For decades, development professionals have been wrestling with the question of how to permanently break the cycle of poverty. Our response, based on twenty years of field experience, is to practice aholistic approach which encompasses the many aspects of a person’s selfhood and relationship to family, community, region, and the world.  This approach recognizes the existence of a complex set of related needs that must be simultaneously met in order to lift a community out of poverty.

Our program, therefore, is based on the four-pillars, each supported by a set of key projects that complement each other to reinforce the ultimate objectives.  The economic development pillar, for example, includes initiatives to help grassroots agriculture or informal market enterprises while also establishing an entrepreneurship center to spur the creation of small and medium sized enterprises in many different industries – from agriculture to renewable energies – in order to diversify the local economy, create jobs, and energize local economic growth. Social programs such as high quality education, access to good healthcare services, and environmental remediation and safety are intrinsic to economic growth.  They help combat poverty, improve the quality of life, and are a magnet to attract a cadre of high quality professionals.

The Advantage of the EWI Approach

Twenty years of field experience has enabled us to create an approach to development that is both comprehensive and sustainable.  Our holistic approach integrates Social Investment, Business Savvy, Best Development Practice, Partnerships and Capacity Building.  At the heart of our project is aneconomic engine that produces profits which are then invested in the community’s infrastructure.  We reinforce the economic development by providing access to education, healthcare and social services.  At the same time, we integrate environmental mitigation, restoration and responsible management of natural resources.

Our current program: “To eradicate poverty and build flourishing communities that rest upon three pillars: People, Planet & Prosperity”, exemplifies this approach.

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