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This is the best Wheatgrass you can get anywhere. At Miami Green Guide we use it every day.

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What Is Wheatgrass Juice?
Wheatgrass juice is powerful raw, living food. The grass itself comes from the common wheat plant (species triticum aestivum) when it is young, vibrant and full of rich green chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass is harvested when the grass reaches its nutritional peak. This is just before the jointing stage, when the plant is between 7 and 11 inches tall. At this point, it has accumulated energy which will soon power a massive growth spurt. This energy is captured in the juice.

When wheatgrass is juiced, it is immediately flash frozen which maintains the life force without compromise. This allows you to benefi t from its broad spectrum of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes when best for you.

The Best Is Grown Outdoors
Wheatgrass needs to be grown outdoors in order to reach its full potential. The right environment dramatically enhances the development of the plant and the benefits of natural air, rain, sun and soil are clear when you taste the juice.

The advantages of outdoor grown wheatgrass vs indoor / greenhouse grown wheatgrass are:

 Root system grows 6x deeper
 Growth cycle is 10x longer
 Chlorophyll levels are 50% higher
 Simple sugars are eliminated
 There are no detectable molds
 The juice tastes dramatically better

The Benefits
“Wheatgrass is literally condensed sunlight energy. It is one of the most potent healing agents on the planet.” Steve Meyerowitz, Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine Wheatgrass requires 50 times more pressure to juice than other fruits and vegetables. This force pulverizes the cellular structures and expresses out miniscule nutritional elements which are easy for the body to assimilate.

With high quality wheatgrass juice, your body may produce spectacular results such as: 

 A physical and mental sense of well-being
 More energy and better sleep
 Stronger immune system
 Detoxifi cation on a cellular level
 Reduced infl ammation in the entire body
 Strong bones and smooth joint function
 It produces results you can see in live blood cell analysis such as the unclumping of oxygen-carrying red blood cells

Get The Right Stuff!
DynamicGreens Wheatgrass juice is superb and our 35+ years of experience shows in the quality of the juice, the good taste, how impactful it can be and how easy it is for every member of the family to enjoy it including children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Avoid Indoor Grown Grasses Molds often contaminate wheatgrass when grown in indoor / greenhouse environments. 

The molds release mycotoxins which have a terrible taste and cause side-effects such as dizziness, nausea, headaches and purging.

Avoid Raw & Living Food Pretenders
Having a living format is critical. While tablets, powders, and pasteurized green drinks often list the right ingredients, the wrong format means they only provide a fraction of the benefits.

Grass Allergies
Sorry. If you are allergic to grass, wheatgrass juice is not for you.

Wheat Gluten Allergies
Good news! There is no gluten in our juice and you can use it with confidence.

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