CHiFlow Aromatherapy Skin

Luchi Estevez

Provides quality essences and essential oils from reliable sources – pure and chemical-free, with no traces of pesticides or synthetic substances.

Luchi Estevez is the founder of Le Boudoir D’Esencia Inc., a company dedicated to contributing to the world-wide community by enriching, educating & healing people’s lives.

Through her unique line CHiFlow, Luchi takes you back to natures best with the use of aromatherapy skin treatment, fragrance and chakra oils.

A native of the Dominican Republic descending from a long line of Holistic practitioners and being one herself, she has always known the benefits of using natural plants to heal, restore, treat and bring balance to achieve healthy skin.

Luchi brings her training as a massage therapist, yoga practice, aromatherapy, and natural way of living to CHiFlow – a researcher all aspects of health and lifestyle.

It is with love, passion and dedication that she brings to you only the highest quality and purest oils to nurture your skin and promote emotional well-being.

CHiFlow is an all-natural holistic line of skin treatments, fragrance and chakra oils. Our skincare line includes products such as: sweet beet juice facial cleanser, aloe salvia face and body tonic, eye make up remover made of carrot oil, and rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle oils.

CHiFlow essential oils originate from carefully selected plants from around the world that are 100% pesticide and chemical free. Our oils treat the outer skin layer by penetrating deep within to purify the blood and cleanse the body creating the inner glow we all seek.

Our fragrance oils provide an alternative to conventional perfumes and colognes that contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients. The scents fuse with the individual’s body chemistry to create a subtle, captivating aroma that is unique to the wearer. An added bonus of our fragrance oils is that because they are absorbed below the skin layer and into the body, they aid in the emotional well being of the wearer making them ideal for an aromatherapy massage.

Aphrodisiac and Erektion oils serve as fragrance oils and were also designed for use on the erogenous zones. Aphrodisiac, created for both men and women can be applied to the pelvic region to stimulate blood circulation and arousal. The Erektion oil was specifically created for male use. The oil provides a natural alternative for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Our chakra oils target healing the physical and emotional blockage of each individual chakra. These oils are to be applied to specific body areas for use in alternative healing and holistic practices and may be incorporated into a massage treatment.

CHiFlow products are available for retail and wholesale in various sizes.

CHiFlow products are created with the purest carrier and essential oils to nourish and enhance the complexion while promoting a total sense of well-being. They are manufactured at the J.D.Schloss Traditional Aromatherapy and Alternative Medicine Center in Israel, established in 1988 by Tsippi and Haim Schloss. Haim, a world-renowned aromatherapy expert, is at the forefront of natural medicine and the Center specializes in developing quality essential oils and natural essences.

Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils and aromacology is perceived as a unique branch of natural, integrated medicine that promotes wellness and balance for body, mind and spirit. The J.D. Schloss is wholly dedicated to integrated client care and research. They continuously work to develop new formulas that will enrich the "stock" of essences, oils and compounds for the use of aromatherapy practitioners.

The Center’s laboratories research, develop and produce hundreds of compounds for special treatments and perform quality testing of the essences and treatment oils. Their products are provided for aromatherapy practitioners in Israel, Europe, the United States and Japan.

Holistic approach: J.D. Schloss exchanges information with physicians, surgeons, clinics, and institutions around the world that are devoted to medical research. The Center initiates and participates in clinical studies, forums and conferences that develop ways to incorporate aromatherapy and the use of essential oils into conventional medical intervention processes.

They support the integration of aromatherapists and other natural medicine practitioners into complementary medicine clinics in hospitals and HMOs, and are in cooperation with governmental and international standards authorities.

The Center transmits knowledge of the use of essential oils and aromacology through the publications of academic institutions and those specializing in the field of aromatherapy.

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