Andres Rozo Transformational Coaching

is coaching for you?
are you looking for something else in your life?

do you want to understand and use the scientific mechanics to convert dreams into reality?

are you dealing with changes?
are you awakening?
are you a new leader or want to be a better leader?
do you want help dealing with problems?
do you want to learn to understand and control the mind, emotions, thoughts and beliefs?
are you evolving into better self?
are you mastering good and bad habits?
are you mastering your fears?
are you finding your true purpose?
are awakening into an egoless awareness of consciousness?
do you want religionless spiritual guidance to connect to source?
are you searching for true happiness, joy and fulfillment?

true learning
manifesting your dream life has scientific mechanics
the law of attraction is working all the time

fear are actually big sources of solution with big rewards behind them
overcoming challenges is what we are here for
doing things we want-to do instead of things we have-to do yields big results

our purpose comes from what we really enjoy
living with true joy and fulfilment is better than anything else
consciousness and awareness are incredibly powerful tools
beliefs, thoughts and words are way more powerful than we thought
really looking at ourselves can unleash our true potential
we can manifest our biggest dreams and co-create more!
we are here to enjoy life!

  what attracts you the most?

+ learn how to turn your dreams into reality
+ the law of attraction is what all the uber rich know and you don't
+ find out what you really want to do in this life and how to live it!
+ master your manifestation powers
unblock what is holding you back

+ learn to use the greatest secret in the world
+ learn how to really use the mind
+ get rid of fears, turn them around into energy sources
+ enrich your experience with mindfulness, awareness and consciousness 

+ curious about some spiritual powers? enlightening?

+ develop the power of thought, belief, emotion and feelings

+ improve the team culture in your company and start living the dream

superpower your professional, interpersonal and leadership skills
+ redefine the way you see and live the world, your way!
+ access and trust your real intuition with confidence
nourish and develop mind + body + spirit, holistically altogether

working with
consciousness, entrepreneurship, habits, body frequency, business, goals, culture, challenges, give, core values, yoga, intuition, shift, joy, fulfillment, love, love, love, family, relationships, universe, dreams, oneness, law of attraction, truth, unblocking, chakras, team, breath, awareness, meditation, gratitude, fear, self, manifest, mindfulness, confidence, faith, shadow, now, passion, leader, light, superpowers, mind alchemy, be it, tools, ego, reality, emotion, thoughts, food, mind, body, spirit, beliefs, enlightening, awakening

professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, teams, relationships, families, students, coaches …

in person, on the phone, on email, in facetime, in skype, in workshop, local retreat …

contact andres
cel (305) 303-2677
facetime [email protected]

skype arozoe

south end, west palm beach, fl 33405

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