Affordable Interior Design Miami Beach

We are an affordable and green design firm specializing in REDESIGN and REAL ESTATE STAGING located in Miami Beach, Florida!!


Affordable Interior Design Miami Beach is a green alternative to interior design. We use items you already have to create a space you may have never thought was possible. By using creativity, paint, feng shui and a little elbow grease, we easily transform your space to your dream home.

Our Mission:

Miami, and in-particular; the island of South Beach, is beaming with glitz, glam and numerous shiny moving toys.  Of course with affluence and status comes expensive real estate, and even more expensive design firms.  

The circumference of this island is host to countless towers with jaw dropping views, and obvious accompanied high price tags.  But what about the 21 blocks within it's boundaries   Thousands of apartments, condos and homes fill our island, and make it the beautiful and eclectic neighborhood that it is today.  

Over 82,000 people live here, but most local design firms cater to about less than 5% of all residents.  Inspired by the natural South Beach landscape, the "DIY" design movement, and multiple Real Simple decorating quarterlies that have obsessively remained in my tight gripped possession for over 10 years, my mission was clear from the day I moved into my first apartment.  

Start a design consultation business that caters to EVERYONE.The 30 year old bachelor whose ideas have been in waiting, but have been too busy to act upon.  The married couple who wants to spruce up their vacant guest home.  The divorced single, who needs to promptly stage their home so they can sell it quickly, and move on to the next stage in their life.  Even the 20 year old girl, with a shoe string budget and big eyes filled with hope for her future, the girl whom I see my past self within.

Your home is not just an address with a door, it's your life.  It can inspire ideas from within, and help make your daily life more functional and free-flowing.  It's the place where memories are made, and families are formed.  These simple pleasures should be bestowed upon every person, not just those who can 'afford it'.  For as long as I can remember, Interior Design has been a term that coincides with mental images of hefty price tags and massive construction projects.

My goal is to show you that you already have the keys to your dream home, inside your very space.  And if you don't, than I can gladly show you where to buy them, or even retrieve them for you!  I work with all budgets, concepts and goals.  If you live outside the serviced areas, I can even virtually assist you through Skype and telephone.  Don't wait to change your space, because when you change your space, you can change your life as well.

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