The Yoga of Elements with Angie G

Access your Inner ecology by balancing the inner elements with in your body.

Join us for this 6 week series of healing perspective inspired by the principles of ayurvedic herbalism. Ayurveda is the ancient healing modality of India and stands for the wisdom of life. Ayurveda is a system that tailors medicine and food intake according to the Dosha’s or predominant elements with in a particular constitution.

You know you can benefit from this course if :

* Would like to learn to Identify the different types of bodily constitutions, in order to prepare medicinal herbal preparations, according to the Ayurvedic ” Doshas ” (Elements within the body that move)

* Would like to regain knowledge of how to make herbal remedies tailored specially for your needs or the person you prepare the medicine for.

*Would like to discover the proper types of food and spices that assist your type of metabolism.

* You would like to learn how to make different herbal preparations, including: tinctures, syrups, , infusions, herbal wines and or salves that maintain your health and Inner ecology

• You have allergies that are occurring, such as skin rashes, respiratory weezing, or break-out bouts.

• You feel bloated after eating, suffering from indigestion, or heart burn

• You are constipated or irregular in your bowel movements

• You pass excess gas

• Get tired easily or lack mental or physical energy to get tasks done

• Your stuck in a rut calming anxiety by eating
something crunchy and salty or delve into sweets

• You feel disconnected from natural cycles, waking up late and sleeping late

* You get easily distracted

* You would like to learn how to take charge of your health naturally.

Register Here : Before Feb 1st to save your early bird spot. Seats are limited and fill up fast 15 is our max

Take action now by registering here:

The aim of ayurveda is to restore our unity with nature so that through nature we return to our true self, cosmic intelligence. In order to understand the ayurvedic approach to herbs one must understand the system as a complete healing science that includes the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of life.

Meeting time once a week . Each class on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm

recommended reading :

Class 1.
* History of Ayurvedic medicine
* The manifestation of consciousness into plants
* The 3 Gunas
* The Five elements
* The 3 Doshas

Class 2.
* Determining Individual Constitution
* The 7 Dhatus and Ojas
* The Five Pranas
* Bodily Systems Strotas
* Agni & Plants

Class 3.
* Herbal Energetics
* Elemental Energy
* Post Digestive Effect
* Special Potency’ s
* The 6 tastes

Class 4.
* Management of Kapha ( Earth / Water )
* Management of Pitta ( Fire / Water )
* Management of Vata ( Air/ Space)
* Detoxification of Ama ( Toxixity )

Class 5.
* Herbal Therapeutics
* How to prepare and combine herbs according to ayurveda
* The 5 main methods off herbal preparations
* Using western herbs ayurvedically

Class 6.
* Final review & student practicum

During classes we will have hands on practice in order to make a variety of preparations and formulations according to the principles you learn. In accordance to the individual constitution, you will present why you blended and created the ayurvedic synergy and explain in detail about how you take a determination for your formula. Certificate of completion is granted to each student, who completes the program.

Tuition: $350 for six week series includes materials, prepared remedies, recipes and certification. Save $25 with early bird registration – $325 tuition if you register by February 1.

This course has been approved for 15 CEUs for Licensed Massage Therapists, Dietitians and Nutrition Counselors in Florida.

Angie Gonzalez is a Permaculture Designer/ Facilitator, Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Herbal Practitioner. She serves as a health advocate for the planet and for the people, through classes, permaculture courses, and other holistic workshops, writings and public speaking. When the integrity of an environment is compromised then the inhabitant species is also at risk. Through her teachings, the need to care for the Earth as part of integral preventative health care is highly emphasized. Angie teaches health and wellness that is created from the root cause, the homeostasis of the living GAIA better known as Mother Earth. Angie is the founder of Permaculture Yogi “inspiring inner & outer ecology through regenerative lifestyles.”

This class is hosted by our South Florida Branch, at I Love Yoga Studio, Dania Beach, FL.

Please contact (305) 851-5657 or [email protected] for questions about this class.

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