Pamuya Silent Retreat


Take a break from the stress of daily life
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May 9th, 2015
11:00 A.M. ~ 6:00 P.M.
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7 hours to let go of toxic thoughts while painting “innocently” in Silence. No painting experience is necessary.
There are set times for group meditation, group chanting and eating.

√ emptying your mind from negative thoughts
√ clearing your energetic field from toxicity
√ opening mental space to encounter solutions to current problems
√ accessing moments of great clarity
√ harmonizing left and right brain

~Be open…Silence is the land of multi-dimensional wealth

“Going on a silent retreat is a journey. When you take away all of the energy we put into communication, it is redirected to the parts of your life you normally ignore. I would recommend it to anyone.”
Chía Ortegón~Alchemy Artista

Why this Silent Retreat is very special?
The key is painting in silence!
When you paint in silence, slowly but surely your left-brain, which is the “noisy- one” starts harmonizing with your right-brain and silence becomes a natural inner experience, the feeling is so nurturing and generative.

During this Silent Retreat I will teach you a technique that will help you to connect the two brain hemispheres; is easy, fast and effective. Time disappears and one is totally in the present. People have reported incredible aha moments while in this state of consciousness.

What to bring?
• A sketchbook for watercolor or 14 loose sheets for watercolor
• A set of watercolor paint (amazon has one for $4,84)
• Something to sit down (yoga mat, cushion or small chair)
• Bottle of water
• Bring your inner smile

Guided by Alchemy Artista, Chía Ortegón
Brushes and color pencils are provided by the Artist.

Is a magical outdoor sanctuary, an intimate container in nature to recharge, be silent, reflect, reconnect with your higher-self and celebrate the expansion of consciousness.


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